Todome Waza: Nishiyama Hidetaka Sensei

I want to thank my friend Darrell Power Sensei from Phoenix – Arizona, for allowing me to post this video on our school page.

Nishiyama Hidetaka Sensei: Hai, traditional karate – original karate, very original, alright, because later many different karate have arrived, that’s why we have separated for the public, original karate called traditional karate, from all these other karate types. Alright, now just called karate, karate everyone know art of self-defense.
Right?. Something happens, protect yourself.
Like all Budo martial arts, it is an art.
Technically, something happens destroy opponents, or his power.
Alright, not like fighting, requirement one blow, haah, destroys, understand?. If fighting, guts blood scratch, the opponent gets very mad, gets crazy.
Martial arts finds how to destroy the opponent, not making a more dangerous opponent.
Alright?. You try some attack, it causes, blood, guts, he is very mad, wants vengeance.
That’s why all martial arts require, even sword, anything, one blow attack, one blow must destroy.
Alright, also other side, we are thinking not one opponent, one two three four… cannot fight just one opponent, alright, resulting martial artist fight, one finishing blow, one blow destroys, one cut destroys, called finished blow, todome waza main technique.
Alright, other things like blocking shifting, many related techniques called supporting techniques.


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