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Otro artículo de «estudios complementarios». Aquí se detalla muy claramente, el desarrollo correcto de nuestras técnicas de forma efectiva, cuidando de realizar y utilizar de forma adecuada el tiempo y la distancia. Es muy importante, entrenar estos conceptos mentalmente en kata, para luego practicarlos en kumite. Como siempre les digo a mis alumnos, tengo que entrenar con todos los compañeros, pues entonces podré «ver y estudiar» los diferentes ritmos, tiempos y distancias.

Buena lectura y mejor práctica!.

We work hard to develop good, effective weapons in basics and kata training, but it is equally important to learn how to use those weapons, and it is through using timing and distance properly that can make effective use of our techniques.

Try to be at a distance that you can give threat to opponent, yet if opponent attacks, you can move slightly back to be out of attack’s range.

This is basic to-ma (long distance).

This distance is changing with each opponent, some opponent have good reactions so I can give them less, some are harder to break the rhythm, I might need to take more risk.

Some opponent might be tall or short, explosive or not, sensitive to your rhythm or not.
After training with many different opponents you can feel an opponent even before any move.

Fighting in to-ma (long distance) requires excellent footwork to be effective at, that is why Sensei Nishiyama pushed me always to train at outside ranges.

Develop bigger range first, than get good at short space, just how we practice technique from big to small, but for different reasons.
Chikama (short distance) is less demanding as far as athleticism in footwork, but on the other hand the margin of error is smaller. Short distance requires excellent footwork skill, but not the same exploding power needed. Short range fighting requires more smoothness, and clearly reaction and action from floor even if the feet move very little. Sensei Nishiyama was outstanding at short distance, I never stood a chance.

If you feel confident and have difficult time creating chance in to-ma, than close the distance and fight inside.

We use different ways to get into opponent’s distance, but in all of them we must be careful how we close the distance, not to show to much space, or maybe to give as much space as we choose to.

Problem is that in many cases people are drifted into short distance not being aware of it.

In short distance you cannot give as much, your fake must be smaller, always use your breath and feet and mental pressure to fake and setup, it will have more effect, and will keep potential energy in your movement, so defense is within your offense.

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Autor: Avi Rokah Sensei

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