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Why Mokuso?

I’m sure many of you would sit silently and meditate with your eyes closed both before and after practice. Some groups call it mokuso (silent thinking), some meiso (closed-eye thinking), or seiza (simply, sitting). When you join the dojo, the instructor will tell you the meaning and how to do the meditation. Mokuso is almost […]

The power of karate is in the brain, not in the muscles, says recent Oxford university research.

Group of healthy controls was compared with a group of karate black belts, who are able to perform rapid, complex movements that require years of training.Researchers chose to investigate karate experts’ ability to generate extremely high impact forces as this ability is not replicable by novices, and the mechanism used to achieve this feat not […]

Form and Principles

Because we must understand and properly train the principles to improve our daily training. That will lead us to overcoming and the pursuit of perfection. To read and understand !!! Precise form is very important in Karate training, Good form provides us a structure that allows to maximize force production and delivery with least effort, […]

Línea de sucesión

Excelente trabajo de investigación realizado por un alumno de nuestra Escuela. Requirió mucho estudio sobre los inicios de las Artes Marciales, leer mucha información de diferentes fuentes y en variados idiomas, que habla de los antecedentes del Karate partiendo del Kung-Fu, hasta llegar a la actualidad. Este es el resumen del trabajo realizado. Aquí está […]