On 10th November in Brno, Czech Republic was organised 2nd World Children Traditional Karate Championship for kids, cadets and juniors. This event was organised by World Budo Karate Association (WBKA) as member of traditional karate platform together with WTKF, WFF, ETKF.

In this championship WBKA introduced new categories, like enbu woman/woman. This special project help us to see what benefits it can give for the future. At the same time WBAK starts project for teenagers, who begin practise karate late. Also WBKA developing kumite models for our kids, which gave kids amazing opportunity to train and understand timing and distance in safest way. Every kumite stage serves and develops special skills and prepares kids for Jyui kumite in the future, when they will become men.

One more very special occasion was during opening ceremony. On behalf of WBKA, sensei Giedrius Dranevicius awarded WBKA technical director, sensei Avi Rokah with 8 th Dan sertificate for his special achievements in this art and developing Budo karate all over the world. Avi Rokah – one of the persons who really cares, preserves and is developing our late Nishiyama Hidetaka Sensei’s art.

Of the name of organiser comity we would like to say THANKS to everyone for coming and sharing positive energy! Only together we will be strong and healthy organisation! Keep training hard and next year we will meet again to test our skills (shiai) and to share the friendship.

Honourable guests came to support the idea of cooperation

This event had very special guests from different karate organisations. We are excited, that they express good will to cooperate in the future to preserve together traditional karate for next generations.

Our honourable guest:
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jorga, European Traditional Karate Federation (ETKF) president,
Dr. Volodymyr Savchenko, World Traditional Karate-do Federation president,
Mr. Andrei Korolev, World Fudokan Federation (WFF) president,
Mr. Justo Goméz, International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF) representative, ITKF European Ambasador
Mr. Andrzej Maciejewski, World Traditional Karate-do Federation vipresident,
Mr. Mihai Apan, World Fudokan Federation (WFF) General secretary.
Mr. Aleksandar Simic, World Fudokan Federation (WFF) Executive secretary.

Over 1200 athletes participated in this event  from all over the world. The biggest delegations came from Europe – Poland, Lithuania and the host, Czech Republic.

Teams and over 60 judges, from USA, Poland, Austria, Russia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Moldova, Ukraina, Israel, Latvia, Germany all day long served for our kids – future of Budo karate in the world.  For the judges preparation and refreshing course was in charge sensei Andrzej Olech from Poland, member of WBKA judges committee and sensei Giedrius Dranevicius from Lithuania, World Traditional Karate Do Federation (WTKF) member of technical comity and WBKA vicepresident.

On behalf of the World Budo Karate Association we would like to express our deepest thanks to sensei Radek Janus who took all responsibility on all organisational issues. Host did great job to manage with this number of participants. Everyone can feel friendly atmosphere, positive energy and care.

More information and photos in: http://www.worldbudokarate.org/2nd-world-children-traditional-karate-championship/?fbclid=IwAR3-3soWZgAk22tY0nS1HBlOG03ImEHsk4wttEhVA_shXHLJQniD8EJYj-4

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